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Dust Free Sanding

Dust Free Sanding

sanderSo whats this dust free sanding all about then?

Well its a power sander with a built in fan that automatically sucks dust and pushes it into a dust bag, This takes care of a lot of the dust but to get true dust free sanding you take off the dust bag and fit on a dust extractor. The dust extractor basically works like a vacuum cleaner except it is designed for very fine dust and is very powerful, it also has an air filter in it very similar to one you would find in a car making sure that no fine dust escapes back into the air.

So how will this benefit my  property?

No Dust from Sanding, and i mean NO DUST!

This is a big time saver when it comes to tidying up, Less hovering and also if there is a lot of sanding to be done on the job the dust can get airborne and spread from room to room. Sometimes once the decorating is done dust can also take a few weeks before it settles in the room and can be hoovered up, This of course is extreme cases and only really applies if the room has been taped or if the walls were so bad that they needed filled to excess. The important thing is Dust free Sanding Eliminates This.

A Better Finish!

Using an electric sander is similar to using an electric toothbrush you can spend 3 minutes brushing your teeth by hand or with the electric toothbrush, your teeth are going to be clean either way like the wall/door/skirting/window sill is going to be sanded but the electric sander/toothbrush is going to do more tiny passes in the same time giving you a smoother surface or cleaner teeth. The fact that the dust is getting extracted at the same time means the sandpaper is directly on the surface at all times were as hand sanding the paper can roll on the top of the dust or get clogged up. Believe it or not sanding is boring and can be hard work if you are doing it by hand, fatigue can quickly set in and the “that will do” approach can sometimes happen, Using an electric sander counters this as it is so effortless. In Fact it is very hard not to achieve a perfect professional finish.

Health Reasons!

I have Asthma so breathing in dust is not good for me or for that matter its not good for my employees, my customers, their Children or their pets, it’s just bad for everyone so there is two options, Wear a dust mask or use Dust Free Sanding,

The dust from sanding can also dry out your skin especially on your hands, Excessive sanding will cause your hands to crack and make them sore. This happened many times to me when i was an apprentice and i had to apply moisturising cream to them for a few weeks in order to get them back to normal. Again its easy to prevent this. Wear gloves or use Dust Free Sanding.

I have chosen Dust Free Sanding. 

This Dust Free Sanding Sounds Good, Do you charge a Premium for it?

No there is no Premium for using Dust Free Sanding in fact we use it on all our jobs. All we charge for is the sandpaper the same as we would charge for sandpaper to do it by hand, This works well for both us and our customers as we both benefit from it.

So what Sander and Extractor do you use?

We use a FESTOOL RTS 400 EQ Sander, it is pictured below left and is an all rounder

And we use a FESTOOL MOBILE DUST EXTRACTOR CTL MIDI. Its pictured below right and its so powerful that we only need to turn the power to half way